Word Selection and Letters Entry

Word Selection

When mouse is on unselected word, word is highlighted yellow.

To select word, click on highlighted word.
On mobile or tablet device, there is not highlighting of unselected word. When you click on word, word will be immediately selected.
When word is selected, entry field is highlighted yellow, other word fields are orange. Entry field is automatically positioned on first empty letter.

Smart Entry

There is Smart Entry active when you first time click on word. After letter is entered, entry field is always positioned on next empty field. Letters entered before are skipped.
Step 1: Word is selected and entry field is positioned on word's first blank field.

Step 2: Letter is entered, entry field is positioned to next empty field.

Step 3: Next letter is entered, entry field is positioned to next empty field.

Step 4: Previous letter entered is wrong. Just use backspace. Backspace will delete previously entered field and position cursor on that field.

Step 5: Enter proper letter. Cursor will be positioned back to next empty field.

Step 6: After last letter is entered, cursor stays on last letter. You can change last letter by entering new one or delete it with backspace. Word stays selected until you select new word.

Smart Entry Off

Click again on selected word on some other unselected field. New entry field is selected and Smart Entry is off. Previously entered fields are not skipped anymore. Use this option to fix previously entered wrong letters.

Selecting another field with arrows, also turn Smart Entry off.

Change Orientation

To change orientation, click on current entry field (highlighted yellow) or press Enter. Orientation could be changed using buttons on the right but it is not recommended.

Solve Crossword

When you finish crossword solving, press button Solve on the right bottom and confirm action. You will see your result. Correct fields are marked green and invalid with red.
You get 1 point for each correct letter and -2 points for each wrong letter. Beside score, there is solved percentage. It is number of correct letters divided with all letters.
You can publish your score on Facebook with Publish Score on Facebook button. You must be logged in Professional Crossword Magazine using Facebook account. If you see Facebook login button, just login before.

After you publish score on Facebook, link to Facebook post will be shown.

By default, post is visible in your activity. If you want to put your score on your Facebook wall, go to your Activity log and select Show on Timeline option for post.

Report problems and ask for improvements

If you notice some problems, please report on mail
If you have some recommendations to improve user experience please send message to

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