Free Promotion of Your Products and Services

If you want theme crossword to promote your product, where you offer prize to readers, you can get that crossword for free.
Crossword is Facebook Open Graph Object. You can publish it on your Facebook pages. Invite readers to send you crossword answers and randomly choose winner of price. Ask for details at

Advertising Space

You can buy advertising space on Professional Crossword Magazine pages. Your add is placed to top of crossword what will ensure visibility to readers. Bought advertising space remains forever on published crossword.
Current price of advertising space on crossword (468 x 60) is calculated per crossword size - 0,50 USD / crossword field. For example, price of advertising space on crossword 15 x 15 is 112 USD.
If you want your add on crossword, send mail to

Support to Humanitarian Actions

If you want to promote some humanitarian action, you can get theme crossword for free.
Ask for details by mail to

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